Yes! Reading Series Welcomes Cynthia Hogue and Sam Truitt 9.22.10

Please join us for a wonderful reading!

See excerpts from their work below.

Yes flyer for Hogue and Truitt reading

From Cynthia Hogue’s When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina

Excerpted From: Victoria Green, Mother of Four

If the lake was flooding the city,

we knew it’d never be the same.

CNN was showing people on houses.

This was not a strange neighborhood to me.

This was my neighborhood.

It’s where I went to school.  Where

I shopped for groceries at Circle Food.

I got married at that church,

christened my children, buried my kin.

New Orleans is the cornerstone

for spirituality, the stomping grounds

for psychic ability.  You don’t

get on the bus and go somewhere else.

It’s our culture.  You’d have to be a citizen

of New Orleans to understand.

I was here a week and my mother passed.

She never had been sick.

I think any of us would trade

any charity we got to go back

to August 15, 2005 and warn all our family

that terrible storm would take everything away

from us.  But we don’t

get those chances.

We get what we get.

Sam Truitt’s poem “Mobile”

mess=nest. that’s          to not rely

“just the way it          on words—these

happened to be”

a statistical reliability          makeshifts—to

in gain of diversity          blaze

450 BC                        no key

that made it work

out but shift came          picture-

in the form of zero          frame—what the eye

paradigm     air—head/mind/intellect:

Isolation     Blood—heart—

fragmented (mobile)          falls on—to

Blood—ink                        flow—

Skin. Parchment. (thirst?)

Inner—outer          raze


or all that is describable is a workable system

you wave the first word & the whole thing


overwhelming     the world


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