FRIDAY 3/5: Benson and Pritchett

7:30 pm @ the Dovecote . 306 Hudson . Albany, NY

Cara Benson is author of the book of poems (made) just out with BookThug. She edits the online journal Sous Rature and teaches poetry in a NY State Prison.

Burned earth, the fire can travel through dry underground roots and spring up hundreds of feet from its source. Garden beseeched. Prayer gods kneeling over the victims. Evisceration of locals. The perimeter is secured by the usual means, though it is evident the event is so unusual. The ringing in the ears fades for some, in others, remains. What they hear is projection of what they have heard with constancy to date. This may be solely the function of their aural mechanisms; likely it is the mind registering its vote in the process. A collaborator. These survivors will re-experience the screaming at night. Florence will hear casino bells. Henry, the washing machine.


Patrick Pritchett is the author of Burn – Doxology for Joan of Arc, and the chapbooks Reside, Lives of the Poets and Antiphonal. A former story analyst and script editor in the film business, where he worked for James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, and HBO, Pritchett is a Lecturer in the History and Literature Program at Harvard University.


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