FRIDAY 2/5: Aidan Thompson, Thomas Cook & Tyler Flynn Dorholt

7:30 pm @ the Social Justice Center . 33 Central Ave . Albany NY


Aidan Thompson is the author of two books of poetry, Particle and Probability, Potes & Poets Press (2002) and a chapbook, So Earnest to Have a Green Point, Palimpsest Press (2006). Her recent work has appeared in Tarpaulin Sky, P.F.S. Post, Sous Rature, and Bay Poetics, the Faux Bay Book.

A Clever Collapse

The moment thought found itself in concentric circles, I heard a smile crack, a distant grind forcing whispers to tuck into the vibration of a belly laughing. Words cup themselves, fool me, except ‘it’ and ‘is’, where someone waits a few minutes too soon. Meaning is words tacked to a sheet of plywood as I learn to sleep. I lift my wrist from beyond the eaves of a dream in an attempt to protect brooding, where I accumulate. Am I a collection of ceramic frogs on a bookcase or consumed by fog? This is as much noon as I can take. A five o’clock shadow has a confidence that springs from deeper purposes and concludes at the sink. Are words keener and more honed in the morning or off-key and sour? My shoulders straighten, yet I can not curb the memory of epiphanies shaping muskmelons into distinguishable hunches. On a whim, I give drollery a dogsled for outmaneuvering slippery dialogue. Unable to help my self, I exchange elastic for eclipse, lose my original shape, and harbor shade for a more bewildering day.


Tyler Flynn DorhoIt’s manuscript, Have the Hands Back, was a 2009 finalist at Black Ocean Press. Recent poems, films, and reviews of his appear or are forthcoming in Action Yes, American Letters & Commentary, Denver Quarterly, H_NGM_N, Zoland Poetry, and others. Visit him at He lives and paints in Manhattan.

Thomas Cook’s poems have recently appeared in New Orleans Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Action Yes, Columbia Poetry Review, Lamination Colony, and Quarterly West among others. His most recent chapbook is, Anemic Cinema (horse less press).

Thomas Cook and Tyler Flynn Dorholt are co-editors and publishers of the journal Tammy. Work from Monster: a Glottochronology, a collaborative manuscript, appears or is forthcoming in Alice Blue, Spinning Jenny, horse less review and Qarrtsiluni.

Check out Tyler and Thomas’s collaboration in video form HERE.


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