11.7 (SATURDAY): Chris Tonelli & Janaka Stucky



Chris Tonelli is the author of four chapbooks, and his first full-length collection, The Trees Around, is forthcoming from Birds, LLC. Chris co-curates The So and So Series and teaches at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where he lives with his wife Allison.





Objects exist

outside us,

             infest us with images.


             I protest my senses,

am the size

of all

        I haven’t noticed.



             interior resonance, you

are inventing

new natures.

                  Mask with no

apertures, I am losing

my emptiness.

                   The drum in my eye

beats; the arrows in my


            No theater.


 Stucky (1)

Janaka Stucky is practicing the perfection of effort while working on silent relationships with knives, whiskey and pugilism. He is also the Publisher of Black Ocean and its literary magazine, Handsome. Some of his poems have appeared in Cannibal, Denver Quarterly, Fence, Free Verse, No Tell Motel, North American Review, Redivider and VOLT. His chapbook, “Your Name Is The Only Freedom,” is available from Brave Men Press.



I want to make a cut
that would sing

how you breathe
next to me—blood

whistling and turned
to ice by the time it hits

the ground.



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