UPDATE: Tonight’s reading: James Belflower & Anna Elena Eyre

Unfortunately, Christian Peet & Elena Georgiou are unable to make the trip to Albany today. We’ll reschedule their reading during the spring semester, and are happy to include Anna Elena Eyre as a reader tonight.

Anna Elena Eyre is a Taosena who grew up playing in the crumbling adobes of commune “Reality”.  She is a Ph.D. candidate in English/Poetics at SUNY-Albany and received an MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 2005.  Her research is centered on the discursive interface of poetics and politics/biopolitics/animality.  She is also interested in the performative aspect of writing in relation to laws and rights. Her chapbook Metaplasmic was published by effing press in 2004 and her creative/critical work has been featured in and is forth coming from Little Red Leaves, Shampoo, Latino Poetry Review, can we have our ball back?, Traffic and Octopus among others.

*After the reading, please join us on a trek to Valentines, where we’ll sing, play, and celebrate Daniel Nester’s new book: How to Be Inappropriate.


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