10.10: Sci-fi Mini Marathon


4 pm @ UAG Gallery, 247 Lark Street, Albany


Josh Potter writes music criticism for Metroland, Relix Magazine, and State of Mind Music, while amassing ideas in a notebook, which he tells himself will one day magically turn into short stories and novels. The few that have done so are available in Pindeldyboz, Thieves Jargon, Elimae, the Taj Mahal Review, and the American Drivel Review. He recently learned, however, that his most enduring literary legacy is for a poem he wrote on the wall of a composting toilet that mocks the poet Mary Oliver.

G. Carl Purcell is a science fiction writer from from Kalamazoo, MI. His writing has appeared in Open City, The 2nd Hand, and on his website, The Supercollider (http://www.noslander.com/supercollider.html). He is a founding member of  SF writer’s collective The SIMPLGOS Six.  As Greg Purcell, he publishes poetry and curates a reading series out of St. Mark’s Bookshop in New York.

Adam Golaski is the editor of New Genre, a journal dedicated to publishing literary and experimental horror and science fiction. He is the author of Worse Than Myself, a collection of strange stories, and of the upcoming–from Rose Metal Press–Color Plates. He’s co-editor at the poetry press Flim Forum. Adam’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction will or has appeared in journals and anthologies such as Torpedo, The Lifted Brow, Moonlit, word/for word, McSweeney’s, Strange Tales II & III (from Tartarus Press), Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead, Cinnabar’s Gnosis, and LVNG.


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