10.9 : Jono Tosch & Jessica Fjeld


jono pic

Jono Tosch is a poet in the MFA program at UMass, Amherst.  He keeps a food blog called Oil Changes and participates in a national co-authored collage blog called Scrapiteria.  His poems have appeared recentlty in notnostrums and GlitterPony.



Goodnight Wendy Roo,

I need to sleep,


I need to sleep

Like animals sleep,


Like pigs and goats,

Groundhogs and cattle,


And lo lo lo

The caribou.


And lo 

The caribou.



jess fjeld

Jessica Fjeld is the managing editor of jubilat. Her chapbook, On animate life, was selected for the Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship by Lyn Hejinian. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in GlitterPony, Fou, the Boston Review, absent magazine, and Invisible Ear.


You can’t call it Tuesday

You have this way of putting things so they’re true.
You have these gray skies. Open that mouth.

We call them “rock doves.” Come with me
to the challenging place. Put your hands around my waist.

Tiddlywinks. A glass-roofed expanse.
We go for a walk after dark. We have the sound

but not the feeling of rain. I think of terrible
in that way where it means great.

We’re always opening up the small doors our secrets have.
Sometimes the phone rings. Sometimes

a salty green wind blows in.
I’m going to sew gemstones all over this thing.


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